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70% of children in Sri Lanka between ages 4 and 12 skip their breakfast*

13.3% of Sri Lankan kids are deficient in vitamin D**, while 44% of South Asian kids are proved to be deficient in their requirements of vitamin A***.

1/4th of your child’s daily strength requirements should come from breakfast****,

Children need up to 30% of their calorie intake from fat and fat quality is key*****

That is why Astra is the perfect breakfast partner for you which is packed with the goodness of vitamin A and D as well as fats. Just with a 20g of Astra, you can obtain 33% of the daily vitamin A requirements (as retinol) and 33% of vitamin D (as Ergocalciferol)  

Why Vitamin A and Vitamin D?

Vitamin A helps to maintain normal skin and vision.

Vitamin D helps normal calcium absorption and the maintenance of normal bones and muscle function

Both Vitamin A and D play a role in contributing to the normal function of the immune system.


A nutritious breakfast- the start to an energetic day!

Does your kid also belong to the 70% of kids who don’t have their breakfast? Change the habit to make them healthy and energetic for today and tomorrow. Encourage them to have a healthy breakfast everyday and while doing so stand a chance to win gifts with Astra!

Tell us about your kid’s healthy breakfast intake for the next 21 days and stand a chance to win valuable scholarships! (Click here to download and take on the challenge today!)

*Conditions applied 

For more information visit “Astra SriLanka” fb page

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