Most people find it quite a tedious task to stay active. A common reason for this is lack of energy.  In order to avoid this, one can get a boost of energy from pre-workout supplements. What sort of supplement you should take depends on the exercise you do.
Given below are 5 types of supplements needed for a precise type of exercise.
  • Creatine
It is considered as the best supplement for creating strength and power.  According to research, the strength, muscle mass and performance can be increased by Creatine. During the initial stage of taking creatine, you can take about 20g per day (divided into small multiple servings).
  • Caffeine
Naturally found in beverages such as coffee and tea (as well as some other foods), it stimulates the brain to make you feel less tired and stay alert. For your caffeine fix go for brands such as Nescafe or Kenco available at supermarkets such as Softlogic GLOMARK. It is advisable to take your caffeine fix earlier in the day.
  • Beta-Alanine
An amino acid which helps one to fight fatigues of muscles. The increasing acidity levels during intense workouts can be reduced with beta-alanine. This supplement will help you improve your performance during your intense workouts. Recommended serving: 4-6g per day.
  • Citrulline
While this is an amino acid produced quite naturally in your body, taking supplements will help your performance when it comes to exercise as it increases blood flow to tissues.
  • Sodium Bicarbonate
Surprised? Though it is a common product in the household, only a few know of its benefits. It helps to fight against the build-up of acid and plays the role of a buffering agent. Recommended serving: about 20g if you weigh 68kg

Apart from these five options, one can also purchase ready-made supplements but do be mindful to check with your doctor or instructor first. Ready-made supplements are available at pharmacies, gyms or high-end supermarkets. Read-up before you purchase anything!
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