• Get enough sleep
Yeah, you heard me! If you sleep well and long enough, waking up early will not be a problem.
  • Time to give up that nightcap
Late night alcohol consumption will affect your ability to sleep soundly. Especially when it’s closer to your sleeping time.
  • 8-hour caffeine pause
Anything containing caffeine should be avoided at least 8 hours before you sleep.
  • Start your own evening routine
By doing so, it can be your way of signalling the body that, now, it’s time to wine-down and sleep. A nice warm shower or bath before bed may just do the trick!
  • Keep your clothes ready
You can save couple of minutes from your morning wake-up time if you iron and keep your clothes ready for the next day.
  • Prepare you breakfast in advance
If you keep your ingredients ready for your breakfast (or even the lunch) the night before, it will save you ample time. Your one-stop supermarket Softlogic GLOMARK will give you the chance to purchase everything you need to prepare your meals.
  • Turn-off screens 2 hours before bed
A way to signal your brain that you are ready to get some shutter eye. Use a blue light reducing app on your phone / tab / laptop.
  • Meditate
An evening meditating session will help you relax your mind after a tiring day at work. A better way to kick-start your restful sleep.
  • White noise
White noise will help you sleep better. Time to download a few tracks!
  • Don’t HIT SNOOZE
Don’t go back to sleep after waking up to your alarm. Instead wake up and utilise that time to do something you like such as reading a few pages of a book / newspaper, meditate etc.
From exercising in the morning, scheduling meetings early morning to not sleeping in on weekends there are plenty of ways to wake up early in the morning. If you’re a night owl, getting used to this routine may take some time and a lot of getting used to. However, if you start making little changes to your lifestyle, you will be able to gradually get used to waking up early.

Wake up early and conquer your day!
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