Meadow Land Double is what you'll need for all your whipped cream dishes providing better stability & taste at an affordable price than the usual dairy whipping creams.
  • 1L whipes to 2.5L Volume
  • Won’t split with acid or alcohol
  • Won’t split when heated
  • 4hrs whipped stability
Why Meadow Land doublecream?
  • Gives the taste of dairy with lower cost, better yield and less risk of mistakes
  • Perfect for both hot and cold applications
  • Won’t split in acidic and/or hot applications
  • 1 litre = 2.5 litres whipped
  • Stays whipped for up to 4hrs (ambient)
Glomark Recipe
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Meadowland Whipping/ Double Cream (Dairy cream alternative) 1L
Rs 1,400.00
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Meadow Land covers all your cooking cream needs!

MeadowLand Single Cream has the same texture & taste as dairy cream but is more affordable.